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#stayingsmartonline - Cyber Security

By Rhys Korbely on 11-Oct-2018


This week is all about #stayingsmartonline. To avoid Cyber Crime we need to raise awareness and keep the conversation going. This is a major and rapidly increasing crime that effects us all!

Cyber Crime is a billion dollar problem that impacts businesses, family and friends. More than six million Australian adults experienced Cyber Crime in 2017. That's one in every four of us! With the rise of social media and the ever growing cloud storage services, every part of business and personal life is in the digital realm. While this is making our lives more connected and easier to manage it also makes information vulnerable to organised Cyber Crime syndicates. Cyber Crime and the ramifications it can have on a business to continue operating can be very stressful for business owners. Even individuals now have to be on their toes to not be subject to hacking/scams/viruses and everything else that is there to steal your information and data.

Moving forward in the digital realm we can only be ever cautious and be smart with how we access and keep our data and information secure. While you can’t always be 100% secure and safe you have to be smart and up-to-date with technology security trends especially if you are a business owner that uses cloud services or a server within your business. Because, in the digital age technology and how we use it is not slowing down, its going to continue on an upwards trend and people hat do not embrace it will be left behind.

With technology moving forward an individual or business owner shouldn’t be scared about the future security of their business, if they take the advice of their IT professionals, stay smart and vigilant with who they are giving their information and passwords to then one can be assured that they are taking all the necessary steps to keep their business and information secure.

Some tips that I would recommend to individuals and business owners would be to;
  • Change your passwords regularly
  • Use phrases for passwords instead of words, they are easier to remember and harder to brute force attack an example would be ‘MyCatMaryIsOrange@1808’ with having multiple words, capital letters, special characters and numbers your password will be much harder to replicate
  • Always be vigilant opening links or attachments from suspicious emails, most scam emails can replicate brands very well but they will usually have spelling mistakes, the email address wont be specific to the brand and something about the email will just feel odd, if you’re ever unsure you can always contact your IT professionals for expert advice
  • Do keep up-to-date with scam alerts from companies as well as any government announcement
  • Do keep physical back-ups of your most important information, having access to cloud infrastructure is great but to always be 100% secure and safe about certain information, keep a physical hard drive backup of the data.

In conclusion Cyber Security is a very real and prevalent threat, if you’re proactive and smart about your due diligence moving forward with this digital age. You need not to be fearful of the future of information and technology.