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Rock Star Staff - Hire a George Harrison not a John Lennon

By Eleesha Harrap on 04-Oct-2018


Rock Star Employee: highly talented, high performing, ambitious young professionals.

For the past few years, the buzzword in regards to recruitment has been ‘rock star’. Business owners and managers have been told they must attract ‘rock star employees’ in order to succeed. The hype!


“The real rock star companies aren’t those with rock star employees. It’s those with highly committed, one-company men and women.” Peter Vanham; World Economic Forum

You do not want a rock star employee.
You want an A-Class employee.
You want an employee that complements and augments your business’s culture.
You want a team player not a self-absorbed ‘star’.
You want an asset.
You want an employee who values your business and commits to you and your business long-term.

AFM Group embodies this philosophy.

We work hard to ensure we recruit team members who will enhance our culture & mirror our values.
We work hard to ensure our team feel valued.
We ensure our entire team is A-Class.
We want to grow and learn and improve with our team.
We work without hierarchy. Every team member is equal.
We do not have rock star employees.

George Harrison and John Lennon were both Rock Stars in their own right. Not to mention incredible artists.

But, who would you want to ‘hire’?

Harrison was A-Class. He was a valued member of a team (The Beatles) and frequently collaborated with other artists (Travelling Wilburys). He crossed genres (Ravi Shankar) and wrote timeless songs. He was loved and respected universally. However, would you and should you, hire a Harrison….?

Lennon was a Rock Star, an artist, a loner. His passion for peace and his activism work was and is incredible. However, would you want to work with him? Would you and should you, hire a Lennon….?