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Exposure, Experience and Fun

Posted by Jiarna Zerella on 14-Nov-2018 15:29:18

AFM’s own bookkeeper Jiarna Zerella had the fantastic opportunity to be a part of a historic trip to Croatia held by the Norwood Football Club (wSANFL). This was a great experience for the club and sport as a whole to share what we do in Australia at a local level to the international audience.

Exposure, experience and fun.

Three words that essentially capture the experience of the historic trip to Croatia held by the Norwood Football club (NFC). Shortly after signing for Norwood Football Club (wSANFL), I was invited to embark on their first ever Education and Training camp, held in Biograd, Croatia.

The trip, aimed at exposure for both NFC, the Croatian Knights and Queens, was an absolute success. It was an opportunity for the NFC (both men and women’s) to display their talent offshore, bringing the wonderful game of Australian Rules Football to Europe. The game caused attraction in both Croatia and Australia, with headlines in the Advertiser and an online campaign for people across the globe to watch the game live online. The procedures of the day made for great opportunity for both teams to build a relationship that could potentially cause prospects for Croatian players to come down to Australia and play the game they love in the boundaries of our home country.

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