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Are you ready to retire?

By Tony Cafarella on 12-Feb-2018


Australian retirement income rules are extremely complicated. Whether or not you are one of the 70 percent of retirees who will receive the Age Pension depends upon your income and assets. But how the pension combines with super and private savings is difficult to understand. Those who are retiring in their 60s, will have 20-30 years of retirement to fund, so these calculations are critical.

Whether you are contemplating your retirement of if your parents are entering retirement there may be some simple steps that you can take to help maximise retirement income.

AFM Wealth Strategy has staff who are ex-Centrelink employees and who understand these rules intimately. Rather than trying to navigate through the Superannuation and Centrelink websites trying to work out the how the rules will affect you, why not come in to see one of our Centrelink Specialists for a free, no obligation initial discussion.