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A Happy Team Is A Productive Team

By Eleesha Harrap on 04-Jun-2018

Our identity and ethos as a business are intrinsically linked to who we are as people and how we interact with each other and our clients. This does still however require nurturing.

As a Practice, we have implemented a number of regularly scheduled team building events in addition to celebrations for birthdays, Christmas lunch and footy tipping.

In February, we held our second Annual AFM Group Retreat. Part fun, part formal, all team building. We spent the first half of a (very hot) summer day running around the Adelaide Zoo in small groups on a scavenger hunt. Lots of laughs and selfies. Competition. While this was such an enjoyable experience, there was a purpose behind each activity. Points were allocated for creativity, problem solving and trivia knowledge. A trophy and bragging rights were at stake.

Some did well with creativity, taking funny photos and thinking outside the box.





Some did well with problem solving, guiding their teammates while blindfolded to find coloured balls in the parklands.



 While others did well with trivia and completing the question portion of the scavenger hunt.



Each part of the scavenger hunt was fun but required everyone to work together. The managers were just team members playing their part. There was no hierarchy. Having such an enjoyable and ‘different’ experience, relaxed staff and encouraged them to be involved in the more formal afternoon events.

Two of the main activities undertaken in the afternoon, were a staff self-review and a hypothetical survival scenario. In the staff self-review, everyone (including owners and managers) were tasked with completing a review form prior to the Retreat day. We ALL reviewed ourselves and each other. We had to list positives and areas for improvement. Nastiness would not be tolerated. While we were all a little uncomfortable, this also succeeding in bonding us as a team.

The Space Survival task found us tasked with deciding the order of importance of items after our hypothetical space ship crashed on the moon. Each member of the group had to agree on the importance of each item and the reason for the items importance. This was a great learning experience and provided some more laughs. It was interesting to see everyone’s thought process.

We might even be able to survive should we find ourselves stranded on the moon in future.