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A Brief Guide On How To Give Back & Why It's Good For Business.

By Matthew De Zilwa on 18-Apr-2018


Giving back to the community is a great way to support those who have supported your business. Not only is giving back to your community (whether that be to a non-profit organisation, local sporting club or charity) a great way to genuinely be a good corporate citizen - it actually has some tangible benefits that can do real good in your own business. Here is our (brief) guide on how giving back to your local community can help your business, and how you can do it.

Why it's good:

We believe that giving back to your community is not only a nice thing to do, but it’s our responsibility as business owners to contribute to the common good. Doing this can also have tangible benefits for you as a business. For one, giving back to your local community is a great way to inform people that are in your area, about your products or services. Furthermore, you can deduct any amount that you might donate to charity on your income tax return for your business (as long as you have receipts and it’s a legally recognised charity). Charities are all too happy to thank business owners and donators on their social pages and company newsletters too. Donating to charities or sponsoring events provides a great opportunity to network. Aside from being better in touch with your customers, you might have the opportunity to meet other business owners with complementary businesses.

You can also use your own marketing material to share your charitable endeavours, by using the tagline "Proud supporters of ...." on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, your website, etc.

How to do it:

There are myriad ways you can go about giving back to your local community - here are just a few:

  1. Support a local sports team
  2. Host a charity event (Biggest Morning Tea, being one of them)
  3. Offer your business services at a local event (E.g. complimentary barista coffee at a local footy game or free vouchers, if you don't sell tangible goods)
  4. Donate to the food bank
  5. Have coin donation boxes and/or sell tickets for a charity event at your business
  6. Donate a portion of your sales to a charity
  7. Provide a charity or community organisation a work or meeting space on your business premises for free.

Some of the above are not only easy, and can take little time out of your work week - but you'll be surprised at the benefits your business can reap by getting involved in a good cause, or by contributing to your local community.

At AFM, we love to support community groups and organisations. If you run an organisation and want to get in touch about partnering with us, click here.